Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is a service provided through Gippsland Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic by Mr Charles Frewin, Clinical Photographer who also provides services to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Melbourne. Individuals with multiple naevi or moles can have problems and issues with periodic long-term surveillance specifically with the issues of whether a mole or spot has changed or is suspicious.

Mole mapping is whole body digital photography and the creation of a high resolution photographic portfolio which is a photo reference for the doctor to compare lesions, spots or moles from year to year. All surfaces of the body are photographed, with detailed views of odd lesions which is done modestly in underwear. The portfolio is the property of the patient and taken to the doctor when a skin check is necessary or on an annual basis or when needed. The portfolio comprises numerous photos and is valid for about five years. The mole map is not currently rebateable by Medicare but is an important clinical reference for both patient and doctor and is an important investment in long-term skin lesion surveillance. Individuals with less than ten lesions do not require it and for those with many moles or spots it is an invaluable aid.

High magnification digital mole photography variously called mole scan or by similar names is not offered because of the cost to the patient and any suspicious lesion is better removed for proper diagnosis than watched over time because of the inherent risks associated with mis-diagnosis and false reassurance.