Gippsland Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic is a dedicated specialist skin cancer service run from Fitzpatrick House in Sale by Mr Adrian Aitken MBBS PhD FRACS for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of all skin cancers including melanomas, squamous cell cancers and basal cell skin cancers.

In many situations simple biopsy or removal of skin cancers can be undertaken by a general practitioner but many skin cancers especially those of the head and neck specialist surgical skills are required to ensure the best cosmetic and clinical outcome.

These advanced specialist skills involve the careful choosing of scar placement, skin flap surgery to avoid the use of skin grafts if possible and in-hospital surgery for the treatment of more advanced and serious skin cancers.

The service provided by Mr Aitken through Gippsland Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic at Fitzpatrick House is a comprehensive service including initial skin surveillance, detection of abnormal skin lesions and their surgical removal or excision with further treatment if required including appropriate follow-up.

Most skin lesions or cancers in their early stages can be easily treated under local anaesthetic requiring a simple excision in a cosmetically sensitive manner. More advanced lesions may require in-hospital care and for the most serious advanced skin cancers such as advanced melanomas links are in place with institutions such as Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne for inclusion into cancer therapy trials as well as for complex multi-disciplinary surgery.