Skin Cancer Surgery

Most early or small skin cancers even suspicious moles or early stage melanomas can be removed under local anaesthetic at Fitzpatrick House. Appropriate pre-excision discussion is undertaken as well as informed consent with a discussion about any attributable risks or complications. All procedures are performed in a minor procedures area with the assistance of a registered nurse using where possible single use equipment, the procedure conforming to accepted current standards if clinical care.

The skin is prepped with an antiseptic and local anaesthetic infiltrated into the skin. This is the only part of the procedure that is uncomfortable, lasting only for 10-30 seconds. The remainder of the procedure is not felt and bleeding is minimal because of a vasoconstrictor used with the local. The skin specimen is always sent to a pathology laboratory for diagnosis and the result discussed at a follow-up appointment.

The fee charged for the procedure covers the cost of all materials, sutures, medications including dressings and the first follow-up appointment for discussion about the pathology result and removal of sutures.